Interior Lighting - Armstrong, Sykes and Dennis Lighting

We offer a range of lights to a number of different properties - homes and workplaces alike.

Energy efficient lighting

Installing low-energy lights in new build homes is a must. Regulations state that three-quarters of the lights in a new home have to be ‘energy efficient’. Compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs), discharge lamps or LEDs would meet these standards, but fitting low-energy bulbs with bayonet or screw-cap bases does not.

Lighting doesn’t just have to serve a practical purpose. They are a great way of creating an atmosphere - and highlighting custom furniture such as tables, artwork, rugs and worktops.

Lighting parts

Parts are hand-polished to a good shine and then clear-lacquered to seal in the finish and defend it from tarnishing. Polished Brass is a very traditional finish. The parts of the fitting are hand polished and then painted with a special colour paint to give the effect that the fitting has aged and tarnished in places, while sealing in and retaining the finish.

Components are polished to a high shine, then chrome plated to a mirror like finish. Chrome is a very modern finish and is very hard wearing. Components are made as normal, then finely scratch finished. They are then nickel plated and gently buffed again to provide a satin sheen. They are then clear lacquered to prevent tarnishing. This gives a semi-matt, slightly industrial look to the fitting. Gilt is a semi matt, light gold/brown painted finish. It matches in well with gold coloured frames. Gallery - Natalie Long